General information

Basically agricultural and mountain village located in the valley of Guadalest, in the shady area of ​​the Sierra Aitana, and dedicated to almond and olive trees. Its streets are very steep giving the curious case that one of them is called Trencacames (Rompe legs) due to the acuteness of its slope. You can buy a magnificent oil in the cooperative. Meat sausages are of excellent taste. This is an area of ​​high water value and good quality. Are abundant sources and births, such as Moli, the Arc, the del Pi, or Salines. Accommodations include cottages, and also a hostel. Also a set of several restaurants offering the best of traditional cuisine. Participate in tourism development occurred throughout the valley around the Castell de Guadalest.

Economic activities:  Agriculture exclusively with almond and olive trees. Good quality oil. Agricultural Cooperative. By influences of tourism to the nearby Castell de Guadalest has established a great chain of restaurants serving traditional cuisine with very good quality.

Gastronomy:  Olleta. Olleta of blat. Minxos. Piles of farina amb dacsa. Faves sacsades. Wide range of traditional and typical restaurants all very good quality. Sweets: Carquinyolis (pasta with flour, eggs and crushed almonds), Pastisets d'ametla, cristina cakes, macaroons.

Crafts:  Woolens and crochet.

Monuments:  Church with a slender tower topped by a hexagonal pavilion. Ruined castle on the rock Castellet (BIC)

Places:  Water sources: the Moli, the Salines, the Arc. La Peña del Castellet. La Cueva Isidoro. Barranco del Arc.Pantano de Guadalest.

Cultural Offer:  Activities around the premises of the Agricultural Cooperative: chirimita courses, environmental week.

Councillor for Tourism Name:  José Manuel Andreu Rocamora

Festivals and Events:  The third Sunday in October MAJOR HOLIDAYS in honor of the Blessed Sacrament. The Offering. Aurora on Sunday morning.

Geography:  Founded as Arab farmhouse in 1249 by the expulsion of the Moors decreed by Jaime I.

Communications:  The best way to access this village is from Benidorm and Altea by the CV-70 (Benidorm-Alcoy) is the same road passing through La Nucia and Polop. A 72 Km. From Alicante.

Location:  Located in the Marina Baja, northeast of the province, in the area of influence of Benidorm and its surroundings. Together with the municipalities of Guadalest, Beniardá, and Benifato. At the foot of the Sierra de Aitana and having at border Puig Campana and the Sierra de Aixorta north. It is a very broad and very rugged municipality. Arch.Parte Canyon Reservoir Guadalest is at its end.

Tour of the town:  Font del Moli facilities recreational area. Font of Arc. Font del Pi. Font Major. Font de Salines with snow well. Cave Isidoro. Step Counter

Sports:  Climbing the Font of Arc in the Divine Rock.

Hiking: Embalse de Guadalest, Step counter. PR.V-9-Benimantell Sella.

Region: From the Marina Baixa.

Distance from Alicante: 74 km.

Area: 38.82 km2

Altitude: 547 m.